June 2008

Welcome. This is a new addition to my web site, so I will bring you up to date with this entry and try to add something new every month.

I am a Niagara Region artist and I paint abstracts with a technique of my own creation, called ‘Acrylic Blend’. Acrylic Blend is the chemical manipulation and layering of acrylic paint. Approximately four years ago (2004) I began painting with this technique and will continue with it for my lifetime — I find it limitless and rewarding.

I am, what is considered, an ’emerging artist’, because I have been showing for less than three years. My status will change, to that of an ‘established artist’, in January of 2009.

In March of 2007, my painting ‘Unbroken’, became successful in a world-wide competition sponsored by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. In March of 2008 ‘Unbroken’ was included in a group show, presented by the AAOS to celebrate their 75th anniversary, at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. My painting was also included in a coffee table book and an on-line museum which are both still available.

My family and I had the great privilege of being in attendance for the AAOS Anniversary celebration. The event lasted for a week and commenced with a huge Opening Reception for the artists — complete with an excellent 10 piece band who played music from each decade to represent their 75 years. The AAOS people truly know how to throw a party! The event was attended by 35,000 people and was also open to the public.

We took advantage of this opportunity to ‘vacation’ a bit and, as the song says, we left our hearts in San Francisco. We spent one whole day at Alcatraz and my son took approximately 600 photographs. We also rented a car and, over two days, drove up and down the coast. My husband loved the South and my son and I loved the North, but both directions provided spectacular vistas.

Normally, when I paint, I work from my memory or my imagination. However, in this instance, I concentrated on memorizing the colours and had my son take multiple photographs — it would be impossible for me to remember every perfect detail from each beautiful setting. I will definitely be painting a ‘Pacific Coast’ series.

The scent of the ocean and the verdant trees and grasses combined to produce the most magnificent aroma I have ever experienced. As a soap-maker, I was determined to ‘capture’ this heady scent and have since created a soap called ‘Pacific Coast’ — my new personal favourite. It isn’t a perfect duplication, but it is quite close to the real thing and a lovely addition to a shower.

This California experience had a profound impact on each of our lives and it is something we will always keep close to our hearts. We hope to return again and again.

May and June were busy months for me. I had a solo month-long show in St. Catharines, took part in a gallery opening in Niagara Falls and had my work in two venues at the Streetsville Arts Fest.

This month I was offered ‘representation’ by a gallery and management firm in Toronto. Although they were very nice people, after meeting with them, I decided I would have to decline. It is almost instinctive for an artist to accept any offer of representation, but I feel that the artist and the management firm should be compatible in their goals. I do recognize the need for representation in a major city within Canada and/or the USA and will have to work towards that end.

Presently, I am working on an entirely new collection of paintings for my October show — I will be showing for the whole month of October at Studio 1234, 1234 College Street, Toronto M6H 1C2 and phone #647-234-3907. The Opening Reception will be Saturday, October 4, 2008 from 2-5pm. The owner of the gallery, Lucinda Knowlton, is a delightful woman who will definitely make you feel welcome. It is a little gem of a gallery and should not be missed!

My sterling silver jewellery is available for sale at The McMichael Canadian Art Collection in the Gift Shop. They are located at 10365 Islington Avenue, Kleinburg, Ontario Phone(905) 893-1121.

I have a ‘Guestbook’ available on my web site and, to my disappointment, I have received few messages. I would be delighted to hear from you and hope that you will take the time to write.

If you wish to be included in my ‘snail mail’ or ’email’ mailing-list, please leave the appropriate information with the ‘Contact Us’ form. We will be happy to send you personal invitations for all up-coming events.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, you may reach ‘Sales and Marketing’ through the ‘Contact Us’ menu header or telephone the Studio at (905) 327-9374.

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