Artist’s Statement

Abstract art is my passion and my life’s goal is to have all people share this passion.

As a solo artist, I have chosen ‘abstract’ as my form of expression and the method with which I paint is called ‘Acrylic Blend’.  Acrylic Blend is the chemical manipulation and layering of acrylic paint.  I am proud to be the creator of this technique, which produces unique and spectacular results.

My paintings are an incomparable combination of colour and texture, with almost a three-dimensional quality to them. The importance of colour and texture is evident in my work.  Upon completion, each painting is professionally framed and finished to the highest standard.

I am not a prolific painter and as a general rule, I work on just one or two paintings at a time.  On rare occasions I work on several paintings, but only when one or more of the pieces requires exceptionally long drying times between applications.  I feel that focusing my attention in this way, offers respect to both the painting and its eventual collector.  My personal philosophy is that you can be good or fast, but not both.

Art should evoke a positive, emotional response and it is my greatest hope to be successful towards that end.